First 5 Essential Features for B2B e-Commerce

In a B2B e-commerce, there are five essential features that you need to know. These features are crucial for your website’s design. You can get these through your developer or you can create something out of the box concepts.

In our previous article, we iterated in there how other businesses look at your product. When they stumble on your website, are they able to get the idea of what you’re offering to them? Those were the issues that we answered in the last post.

In this article, let’s identify the features of having a better B2B e-commerce.

search feature is also essential for your b2b e-commerce


In a business to business e-commerce or trading, your pricing is not consistent. You shouldn’t put the same price on your retail consumer to bulk buyers. You must have a separate file for these types of buyers.

As a b2b e-commerce owner, it is important to update the prices of your product. For you, this should be a challenge. Ask your developer how can you make price updates easily.

Easy Process

For your consumers, their main concern is how will you deliver your product to them, and what are the terms of payment? This is a bit challenging on your side because you need to consider shipping fees, credit rate approvals, courier partnership and so on.

It is wise to put your consumers ahead of you, but it is also essential to create rules for shipping and payment to your advantage.

Quick Order

Most of your consumers are not first timers in ordering online. Usually, these don’t need to browse your product because they already know what type, SKU of products they need. Provide a form for them, where they can already input their orders.

Search Feature

The search feature is also essential for your b2b e-commerce. Your consumers are lazy to browse for products, instead they go directly to your search tool and find their specific needs. Update this feature so that you’ll give them a high-quality result. This kind of technique gives a high rate of conversions.

Marketing through E-mail

If you think sending emails to your consumers are a waste of time, then you are wrong. Sending personalized email is a way of marketing your product. Your consumers will feel important if you send them daily or weekly updates on your products. There are several tools where you can use for email marketing.

Sending personalized email is a way of marketing your product

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