First 5 Essential Features for B2B e-Commerce

In a B2B e-commerce, there are five essential features that you need to know. These features are crucial for your website’s design. You can get these through your developer or you can create something out of the box concepts.

In our previous article, we iterated in there how other businesses look at your product. When they stumble on your website, are they able to get the idea of what you’re offering to them? Those were the issues that we answered in the last post.

In this article, let’s identify the features of having a better B2B e-commerce.

search feature is also essential for your b2b e-commerce


In a business to business e-commerce or trading, your pricing is not consistent. You shouldn’t put the same price on your retail consumer to bulk buyers. You must have a separate file for these types of buyers.

As a b2b e-commerce owner, it is important to update the prices of your product. For you, this should be a challenge. Ask your developer how can you make price updates easily.

Easy Process

For your consumers, their main concern is how will you deliver your product to them, and what are the terms of payment? This is a bit challenging on your side because you need to consider shipping fees, credit rate approvals, courier partnership and so on.

It is wise to put your consumers ahead of you, but it is also essential to create rules for shipping and payment to your advantage.

Quick Order

Most of your consumers are not first timers in ordering online. Usually, these don’t need to browse your product because they already know what type, SKU of products they need. Provide a form for them, where they can already input their orders.

Search Feature

The search feature is also essential for your b2b e-commerce. Your consumers are lazy to browse for products, instead they go directly to your search tool and find their specific needs. Update this feature so that you’ll give them a high-quality result. This kind of technique gives a high rate of conversions.

Marketing through E-mail

If you think sending emails to your consumers are a waste of time, then you are wrong. Sending personalized email is a way of marketing your product. Your consumers will feel important if you send them daily or weekly updates on your products. There are several tools where you can use for email marketing.

Sending personalized email is a way of marketing your product

More from

If you’re looking for more information and guidance on b2b e-commerce you can visit They have all the knowledge and tools to improve your online business.

Remember that you shouldn’t be afraid of asking help from experts. They are only waiting for you to ask them.

Finding Auto Mechanic Near Me

Are you having an emergency roadside accident? Are you asking “where can I find a local auto mechanic near me?”

Vehicles need to be maintained in order to function well. However, there are cases when engine malfunctions or accidents may happen along the road and you have nowhere to get a help. Thus, it is important that you know who to contact when you meet such emergencies.

local auto mechanic near me

Mechanics For Emergency Auto Repairs

Today, there are vehicle repair and maintenance services companies that provide car repair and maintenance. Although you may need to schedule an appointment to have them fix your car, some also provide emergency responses especially for those who are stuck in the roadside due to flat tires, loss of fuel, engine malfunctions, and other causes.

To help you find the right local mechanics near you when you are stuck on the road, check out the guide below:


How To Choose A Local Auto Mechanic Near Me

  1. Look For Different Options

The first thing that you need to do when looking for mechanics for emergency auto repairs is to search for different car repair services near you. Try to search on the internet, and see which ones are near your current location.

  1. Check The Company Profile

Be sure that you are hiring a reliable car mechanic to help you fix your vehicle during any roadside accidents. Research about the company and check their website if they have. Moreover, you can also read blogs to help you find out if they are still currently existing and legally operating.

  1. Review Client Ratings And Feedback

The reliability and trustworthiness of the vehicle repair and maintenance services company can also be seen on their previous clients. Customer satisfaction is important to establishing the credibility of the service that they provide. This read the reviews from the previous customers to find out if they provide quality auto repair services that satisfied the customers.

  1. Browse For Available Services

After searching for the right options of the “local auto mechanic near me“, be sure that they also offer the services that you need. For example, you are in a roadside accident and you are driving a truck or any commercial vehicle, the mechanic should also have the license to repair trucks, tractors, and other huge commercial vehicles.

  1. Compare The Prices

The quality of work is important, as well as the price. Try to compare the service rates of the different companies that offer auto repair services near you. Check which one is the most affordable yet provides great quality work as well. This ensures you a proper handling of the vehicle that you’re using while saving you bucks from expensive charges.

mechanics for emergency auto repairs

Vehicle Repair And Maintenance Services

When stuck on the road due to some roadside emergencies, don’t stress yourself out visit Keep calm, and look for ways to fix the vehicle. If you don’t have the tools, contact credible and reliable mechanics for emergency auto repairs in the nearby areas for a fast emergency response to repairing your car.

POWr that Banner Slider Plugins For WordPress

To banner slider plugin or not to banner slider plugin, that is the question. For marketers adding a banner slider to websites means more exposure for their highlighted products. But, for programmers, this is the thing that irritates them. Should you choose to add a responsive banner slider or would you just follow the advice of a lazy programmer?
Banner slider plugins for WordPress is a very aesthetic program where the products you want your visitors to notice would just automatically slide from one product to another product. They will notice them even if they’re just staying on one page of the web.

Wordpress is a very aesthetic program

So, how can banner slider plugins for WordPress affect your business?

The most important thing for a business is to project itself in the market. There are several ways of projecting the brand and that is through banners – online banners. Traditionally banners are set-up outside the store to attract passersby. Although the strategy is effective it still has a minimal effect on the target market.
Nowadays, people are looking for something new. Advertising the product should adapt to that trend where everything is digital. Going online and digital means there’s more exposure and attraction. Banner sliders are a perfect set-up for products.
The banner slider can increase conversion rates. Traffic is important, but most importantly, you need to convert that traffic to profit. The effects of the banner sliders on the users are unconsciously noticed. The users are unaware that they already store the images in their minds. And, when they saw that product again used by someone popular, they would instantly buy it.

You need someone who can provide that banner slider plugin for you, on your website

Programmers hate banner sliders, so that makes them difficult to find if you’re looking for a banner slider programmer. Don’t worry, because there’s an easy way to a plugin that banner slider. You can actually do by yourself without coding anything. You don’t need a coder, actually.
All you need is a good website that offers plugin applications for your web page. have wide experiences in creating plugins for businesses. There’s a lot to choose from; job board plugin, Instagram feed plugin, hit counter plugin and the banner slider plugin and add a sliding banner to make it more creative and attractive.

You have the freedom to choose the designs you like

Once you are subscribed to, you can already choose the banner slider plugin. It’s easy to use since the application allows you to customize your own designs. And, if your product targets mobile consumers, you can optimize the banner slider to be more mobile responsive. allows you to edit your banner slider.

 A good website that offers plugin applications for your web page

Choose to be more responsive and choose to earn more

The goal of your business is to provide information and to increase revenues. You can do that if you have a perfect marketing strategy. The banner slider plugin is the perfect application for you. This is the tool where the user enjoys watching every slide of beautiful products, and you can earn more.
Subscribe to POWr now, and join millions of businesses who are already earning more money because they use the strategy.

How to Contact the Best Limousine Rentals in Houston

The Best Limousine Rentals in Houston

If you are one of those types of people who are constantly on-the-go, never wanting to drag and waste precious time waiting for a ride to take you to the place that you want to YOLO (for the non-millennials, that means “You Only Live Once”), always needing to be as active as possible, and if you’re consistently flying to (or through Houston), then may I suggest an intriguing idea—limousine rentals.

 The Best Limousine Rentals in Houston

Sports Events

And by intriguing, I mean that you wouldn’t think about limousine rentals on your way to watching the Houston Rockets at the Toyota Center beating the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals (sorry Warriors fans).

You think that’s too much? Well, how about a more subtle sedan or “just” an SUV? Much better options for you I would think. Keep that thought in mind.

The Houston Astros are the 2017 World Champions. OHHH, how sweet it is! After that classic Fall, uhm, Classic going seven amazing games with the Dodgers, the Astros are the new darlings of baseball, rightfully so, I might add.

And with popularity comes tourists, and with tourist comes, well, hard to find taxi and commute whenever going to, or even just approaching, approaching Minute Maid Park. I think you might need someone to pick you up or you might be late for that meeting tomorrow.

Corporate Meetings

And speaking of meetings, after a great day the the arena and the ballpark, now you need to prepare for the biggest board room presentation of your life. So you stayed up late, preparing your laptop for the perfect look and feel and you just know that you’re going to have an awesome delivery.

And then you go down to street-level, and you notice that it’s starting to rain. “Oh no! How am I going to get in a taxi when 50 other people in the same vicinity are trying to do the exact same thing?”

The the rain starts pouring down, and you start to get nervous. Then you notice that your competition for the project is starting to get into his taxi and on his way to grabbing your contract. This is the perfect time to panic. Now come back to earth and think about a way that something like that would never happen. Read on.

Cruise Transportation

Taking the Galveston Cruise is a great experience. And I’m not just talking about a once-in-a-lifetime, it’s-just-for-oldies kind of tour, this is an awesome experience to everyone who has been.

And this an excellent time to have that professional chauffeur driving you to the dock, stopping just in front of the ship, opening the door for you as you disembark from your limousine rental—every pair of eyes are looking straight at you, now that would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience I want to have, my 15 seconds of fame, if you will.

 How to Contact the Best Limousine Rentals in Houston

What’s Next

All these can come true, believe it. If you are ever passing Houston or stopping by for a few days, the best limousine rentals are not hard to find.  Elite limo – limousine service is the premier luxury fleet that can meet your highest standard for luxury transportation.

Check out their web page— and just browse their awesome lineup of cars, limousine rentals, and even ones for large groups. So whether going to a ballgame, trying to grab that project contract, or just trying to shock people, try Elite Limo Houston. They’re the best.

The Advantages of Having an Elaborate Business Plan

Importance of Having a Business Plan

Ever thought of creating a business? Most if not all of us probably has. We all want to be wealthy and business can potentially make us that. However, business isn’t just a game to just have fun with. You need to be serious when deciding to create and establish a business.

One needs to have a plan to ensure an effective and a profitable business. But just what is a business plan?

Importance of Having a Business Plan

Business Plan

A business plan is a written article that describes and covers all the details about your business. It is composed of the executive summary, business details, marketing and sales strategy, management team and personnel, setup and financial plan and projections.

The executive summary is pretty much all the other parts of the business plan rolled into one.

It plays a vital role when searching for investors or key people that may work with you on your business because it entails an overview about your business. The business details is a short description about your business and states the product or the service that your business will offer.

It also involves the reason behind why such a product or service has been chosen and the market to offer them to.

Marketing and sales strategy refers to letting the people know of your business. This may be done through many mediums such as the social media or Google maps marketing services. The setup includes the facilities and other preparations that your business will need.

The final portion of the plan would then be the financial planning and projections which translates the written plans into digits for you to see the plan’s potential in the market and how it may grow.

Advantages of Having a Business Plan

Having a business plan is not just an advantage but a must in establishing a business. You can’t and you must not just wing it. Establishing a business needs to go through a process and you need to make use of the advantages of having a business plan.

Write down the different aspects of your business through the format of creating a plan for you to have a map before you ever enter the forest. Establishing a business with a plan gives you a better chance of having a business that can prosper.

The Advantages of Having an Elaborate Business Plan

Consequences of Not Having a Business Plan

Failing to create a plan is actually planning to fail. One will definitely face the consequences of not having a business plan because he does not know what he’s doing. Having a plan in everything you do is a must for you to better understand and develop your endeavor.

Not being able to make use of the advantages of having a business plan only leads you to the consequences of not having a business plan.

It is no longer a secret on how one can create a successful business. You just have to make plans before ever establishing your business. This is for the entrepreneur to see a forecast on how an endeavor may fair through the process of operating it.

With a plan, you can be sure that you will always know what you’re doing and you won’t be just stumbling around everywhere. Crete, formulate and write a plan for you to create a potentially successful business.

Improve Your Annual Credit Report by Tracking Your Score

The way that you handle your finances can greatly affect your reputation in the world of credit, given that an annual credit report is made for every consumer. These reports are made annually as a safeguard for creditors against loan applicants who have little to no capacity of repayment.

So, you should check your credit score before applying for a loan using the best credit monitoring services, such as that from, to help you assess if you are qualified to make a loan or not. In essence, you should know what a good credit score rating is so you can understand better how your financial situation can affect your chances of getting a loan approval.

best credit monitoring service

What is a Good Credit Score Rating?

Credit scores play a huge role in determining whether a loan applicant gets a loan approved or not, so you must know what a good credit score rating is to help you anticipate how your annual credit report will fare in the following year.

Doing this can enhance your chances of getting a loan approved because most creditors trust what the annual debt report states, given that the annual credit report is mainly done by official agencies or bureaus which are not biased towards consumers. Ideally, your annual credit score should be above 650 for you to get the best deals for any loan you’re applying for.

Improving your Annual Credit Report

Your annual credit report can say a lot about how good (or bad) you are with your credit today, so it is best if you check your credit rating regularly using the best credit monitoring service around. You can request to check your credit score using the best debt monitoring service to help you anticipate what things you should be doing to improve or maintain your credit rating.

For starters, you need to make sure that all your debts are paid promptly with little to no delays. Having one credit card, or two is also enough, given that if you have too many, you may have a hard time monitoring your debt. Doing this can add points to your credit score which will be reported by legit credit reporting agencies.

what is a good credit score rating

Check your Credit Score with the Best Credit Monitoring Service

It is imperative to check your credit rating from time to time using the official, best credit monitoring service to regulate how you handle your finances. These monitoring companies will be reporting your debt score upon request to help you track and learn how you can handle your debt better.

At the end of the day, your credit rating can greatly affect how you’ll get your loan approved from a creditor. So, it is best to get alerts from companies who can provide you with a report on how you’re faring with your debt payments, to help you monitor your finances. Doing so is an indirect protection against financial blows which is what is needed for any consumer.

Why Start Your Own Printing Services Business in Your Place

Are you planning to build your own printing services business?

Many people especially those who are in groups and organizations print t-shirts, tarpaulin, photos, banners, and other types of printing for an event, and usually, they look for services to have these things all done.

If you are still unsure whether a shop can give you a high-profit income, here are the top three reasons that tell you why it is a good business.

Digital printing businessWhy Invest in a Printing Business

1. The Demand Is Always There

People always print shirts and banners and other kinds of printable materials either for personal purposes, leisure, or business. When there are reunions, company anniversaries, or other large organizational event, the group prints a huge amount of shirts for everyone and banners and tarpaulins for their advertisements. To note, many groups and organizations in an area, whether it be a student group, business, non-profitable institution, etc. And most of these groups hold a large event at least once a year. Other individuals also look for services for small family gatherings and parties such as birthdays, debuts, graduations, wedding, and other special events in the family or any small group.

2. People Prefer to Get Printing Services Than to Buy Their Own

While ordinary paper printing can be done at home, large and more advanced printing machines for different printables such as banners, tarpaulins, shirts, and mugs cost large amounts, and if individuals use it for personal use, it would be very impractical. A digital direct to garment printer can cost at around $4,500 for a seldom use, so they might as well print shirts in a printing service company. Also, they cannot use a t-shirt printer for a tarpaulin, and buying one costs more dollars, which still is not practical. Commercial heavy duty machines cost high, so having them avail a printing service is more preferrable to most people.

3. Faster Return of InvestmentPrinting services business

Because the demand for this is high and constant, it won’t be hard for you to get your return investment in a relatively shorter span of time. If you have good services, once you get a few customers, you cannot stop them from telling their friends and relatives about your shop. And their friends might be a part of a huge organization that will be holding an event that needs printing services for their advertising and other printables. And the members of that organization will also talk about your business to their friends and relatives of the good printing services that you offer. You’ll have your investment back in no time, and your business’s profit will then start to boost.


Are you looking for a good business to put up? Check the printing demands in your area, and you will see how many are willing to avail of them. Choose what type of products you want to give, research for the best and high-quality printers, and start your own printing services business.

Bookkeeping Versus Accounting

Getting to Know Bookkeeping and Accounting

The difference between bookkeepers and accountantsBookkeeping and accounting are two words that are used interchangeably and often referred as the same thing.

Bookkeeping and accounting have common goals in the financial aspect of the business. However, they don’t exactly have the same roles.

If you need some help in bookkeeping accounting, Xero Sydney provides you the best services that you need on this subject.

If you want to learn what bookkeeping and accounting are, this article will help you get started in getting more familiar with these two jobs.

What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is an important subset of accounting which focuses on recording financial transactions. It involves collecting, organizing, keeping, and obtaining the financial information of an organization to help in running the daily operations and make the preparation of all the financial reports easier.

Bookkeeping Versus Accounting

What is Accounting?

Accounting is a broader field where bookkeeping is a subbranch to it. Accounting involves the interpretation, classification, analysis, and summarizing of financial information.

What is the difference between bookkeeping and accounting?

The main difference between bookkeeping vs. accounting is that bookkeeping secures that the gathered financial information is correct, while accounting includes interpreting and analyzing the financial data.

What Does a Bookkeeper Do?

  • Records financial transactions
  • The bookkeeper makes sure to record all the money that has gotten in and out of the company or organization.
  • Takes note of the debits and credits
  • Debits and credits are kept track by the bookkeeper for financial analysis.
  • Provides invoices
  • The bookkeeper also needs to list all the goods and services that were provided by the company for income.
  • Balances general ledgers and maintain other financial records
  • They also keep sure that general ledger is balanced and that all financial records are complete and have the correct data.
  • Produces payrolls
  • It is usually the bookkeepers that produce the daily, weekly, or monthly payrolls of the employees.

What Does An Accountant Do?

  • Prepares the adjusting entries
  • By the end of the month, there may be other company expenses that may not have been recorded yet during the bookkeeping process. The accountant then records the adjusting entries.
  • Creates financial statements
  • The accountant provides the financial statement based on the financial records that the bookkeeper has gathered.
  • Analyzes costs of operations
  • It is also the bookkeeper who provides the estimations of the cost of operations, if it is practical, or if the cost can still be cut.
  • Completes the income tax returns
  • This helps in calculating the tax liability of the company or if there may be any remit payments or refunds, and it is the accountant who does this job.
  • Explains the effects and consequences of every financial decision
  • The accountant helps the business owners understand and weigh the impact of every possible financial decision and aid them in finding the best solution or which decision can be more beneficial for the company.


Bookkeeping and accounting are quite similar in a way that they keep track of the organization’s finances. However, they are not entirely the same. Now that you now the difference between the two, use them appropriately and briefly explain it to others if they have any confusions regarding these two subjects.

Here Some Are Useful Tips from Experts in Website Design

Website design impacts businesses and users. Websites that are designed below par perform poorly in Google due to poor user experience. What does a web designer in Lowell consider when creating a great design?

This article discusses the points to consider to have a good web design and why the emphasis is given on making the website responsive.

Key Points to a Good Website Design

1. Know the Purpose of the Site

Typically websites are used for business purposes. However, some use it as a journal. Your website must have a clear purpose. If you are a writer, post your portfolio of articles.

2. Communicate Clearly

Make a readable and easy to digest content. With the short attention span, people have nowadays, it is better to have the sentences bulleted. Avoid long windy sentences.

3. Choose the Right Typography

Select fonts type and size which are readable online. Headlines and subheadlines must be big enough to read.

4. Choose a Well Thought Color Theme for Your Website

Having the right color coordination enhances user experience. Don’t make your website cluttered by using a lot of colors which don’t complement each other. Leaving a negative or white space gives an uncluttered look on your site.

5. Choose Attention-Grabbing Images

Pictures say a thousand words. If you don’t have high definition photos, you can use free stock photos available online. Videos and infographics are useful tools to communicate as well.

6. Ensure Easy Navigation on Your Site

People are getting impatient easily so see to it that your website visitors can easily move around your site and take action. Employ the three-click rule meaning users have to find the information they need within three clicks.

7. Consider Using Grid Based Layouts

Using grid based layouts allows a well-arranged content divided into sections and columns that give a balanced look.

8. Ensure Fast Loading Time

If your website has lots of images, see to it that the images are optimized meaning they must be sized and scaled. Ask your web designer to do some coding to make it load faster.

9. Ensure a Responsive and Mobile Friendly Website Design

The majority of online users are now using and buying products from their mobile devices. If your website is not responsive sure enough you’ll incur losses.

Why You Need a Responsive Website Design

  1. The majority of people who access the internet are mobile device users. Most American adults own smartphones. Buying with the use of mobile devices is steadily growing.
  2. People visit social media and share links from websites through their mobile devices only, boosting your site traffic.
  3. Responsive site increases your SEO rankings. According to Google responsive site performs well when searched.
  4. Responsive sites provide better user experience. They can search anything anywhere they are. All contents fit on a mobile screen; you don’t have zoom it out or in. Responsive sites increase conversion rates and reduce bouncing.

Final Note

Give your users a memorable experience by making your website engaging and useful. Using the key points in creating an amazing website will benefit your business.

Why All Businesses Need to Have a Digital Marketing Strategies

With the technology changing quickly, businesses are trying hard to keep up with the pace. Whatever kind of enterprise you may be– food industry, traveling industry, printing industry, and others; you have to keep up. Businesses are beefing up their marketing efforts by employing digital marketing strategies in order to improve their leads and capture their target market.

Having high traffic to your website is not enough because unless leads translate to sales, traffic is nothing.

Why is there a need for digital marketing? This is the topic for this article.

Reasons Why Digital Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business

Levels the Online Playing Field

Digital marketing provides the opportunity to small and medium businesses to compete with big market players. Small companies have now the equal opportunity to use digital marketing like large companies.

More Cost Effective Than Traditional Marketing

Small businesses have hardly any capital, more so with paying for traditional advertising. Digital marketing offers much more cost effective techniques that deliver results. A lot of businesses has shifted to online marketing tools and techniques. The budget for traditional marketing has decreased.

Delivers Conversion

When digital marketing strategies are translated from traffic and then converted to sales, then you can say their efforts are effective.

Increases Revenues

High conversion rates generated by effective digital marketing techniques delivers benefits like increase in sales and revenues.

Facilitates Interaction with the Targeted Audience

Interacting with targeted audience provides you an insight of their needs.

Caters to Mobile Consumers

Mobile devices have evolved from being alternatives for desktops to something which is used for purchasing.

Builds Brand Reputation and Trust

Having a better relationship with your target customers creates a brand reputation.

Encourages People to Take Favorable Action

Using the call to action digital marketers can entice people to purchase.

Digital Marketing Skills Which Are in High Demand

This is one of the most profitable industries in the world right now. With the use of a laptop and internet connection, the possibilities are unlimited.

Trends in this industry revolves around email, content, SEO, events, and social media. Your Business Digital Australia intimates that you need to have cultivated digital marketing skills you to be successful.

Here are some of the most in-demand digital marketing skills:

1. SEO Specialist

SEO has never been alive than now. There may have been some changes due to google’s search algorithm, but SEO is here to remain. It is not an easy job and is constantly evolving.

This requires a good grasp of maths, analytics, and marketing strategy. Google Adwords and analytics will be your second nature. It is a complex job making it one of the high-value jobs in the market.

3. Social Media Strategist

Social media is a valuable skill to learn. Many companies don’t have the full understanding of how to maximize the different social media platforms for their business.

4. Email Marketing

It is not as simple as writing emails that translate to sales. You have to learn the whole process. If you have the capability to build email lists from zero then you are very valuable to clients.

5. Mobile Marketing

It is one of the most valuable skill. The use of mobile marketing has dominated the market in terms of online sales. Mobile marketing is a tough field to master, but when you can it will guarantee you a high paying job.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of things when you get into a business. You will not only cater your client’s welfare– proper appointment scheduling, upright service, etc; but will also think about your competitors. When you have a business always make yourself ready for the ever-changing world of digital marketing and be ready to adapt.