Office Cleaning Services That Your Commercial Cleaning Company Can Offer

Are you planning to start your commercial office cleaning services business?

Office cleaning is one of the services that a commercial cleaning company offers. It focuses on addressing the professional cleaning needs in busy offices and other commercial spaces. If you are planning to have a maid service business that offers an office cleaning service, there are many types of janitorial jobs that you can provide to your commercial clients. To start with, here are the services that you may want to consider for your cleaning company:

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Office Cleaning Services Your Business can Offer

1. Vacuuming

One of the basic needs of an office space is the vacuum cleaning. Random people come and go to these places and dusts they carry in may stay in the work place. Office cleaning services should include vacuuming in their options.

2. Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can be cleaned by vacuuming, bu over time, other dust particles may stick to the carpet cloth and may not be removed by basic type of cleaning. This is when carpet cleaning services come in. The service focuses on providing quality clean carpets for offices.

3. Sweeping

Dusts are everywhere. Sweeping is a basic janitorial service and that should be provided by commercial cleaning businesses. From offices to hallways of the office building, the pay may depend on the area that needs to be cleaned.

4. Mopping

Some dirt may not be removed by mere sweeping. People may bring in their coffee and other drinks to their busy offices and may spill as they rush to their work. Theses spills may be left for hours and stick on the floor, giving a nasty look on the area. Dirts like this need mopping, and should remember to include this in your commercial office cleaning services.

5. Bathroom Cleaning

One of the most highly needed to be sanitized areas in any establishment are the toilet rooms. Thay are the areas where bacteria and germs that cause contagious diseases love to stay. Bathrroms should be kept clean and free from disease-causing germs. Before you offer this kind of service, make sure to look for great quality cleaning products that effectively clean and disinfect bathrooms to give perfect results that satisfy your customers.

Aside from those mentioned above, you may also provide additional commercial office cleaning services such as dusting the surfaces of the offices, power washing of floors, and emptying the trash bins. By providing other options, you can increase your profitability and become more productive.

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Offer Quality Commercial Cleaning Services

Apart from offering a variety of cleaning choices for your commercial clients, it is important to remember that you always have to provide them professional quality cleaning results. Give your clients different sanitation options that fit their needs. Set cleaning standards in your office cleaning service company. Train your employees to maintain a consistent quality work. Give your customers unique results that they would want to to be their resident office cleaning service provider. Through these, you will build a commercial office cleaning services business that gains customer trust for effecticely addressing their every cleaning needs.

Cleaning Your Office for a Happy Healthy Staff

It is crucial to have a clean environment not only at home but also in our offices, this will be visually appealing and can give a good working environment for employees.

There are several companies in Winnipeg that offer professional cleaning services for your home, offices, and establishment. But if there is enough workforce to do the job, you can initiate in cleaning your company office and have a general cleaning with your workmates.

What do we need to do during office cleaning and where to start are very common questions. We will discuss the best ways to clean your office building in this article.

Office Cleaning

How to Clean Your Office


There are a lot of things inside an office. The most common thing that is more likely to be messy are the papers. In offices, paperwork is piled up in every space of your room. How can we organize these documents during office cleaning.

A. Use filing cabinets in storing the papers. Big offices have storage rooms, where they can stock all their papers. Don’t forget to label it of course to its particular use.

B. For special documents, you can place it in a convenient place or special cabinet so that you can easily get it when needed.

C. It is also advisable to get rid of the papers that are not needed anymore to lessen the loose papers.


Disinfect the lounge and kitchen if there are any. For the safety of the employees and all the people in the office, it is a must to sanitize your lounge regularly.


For the electronics in your office, you should clean and dust it for its protection. Computers, printers, dispensers, fans, air conditioners and other electronic devices must be wiped and free from dust.

Keep Break Rooms Cleaned

Cleaning the dining area or break room. Foods are the number one cause why pest inhabits your place. As much as possible, it is necessary to learn everything after using. Refrigerators must be clean and organized. Throw old foods away. Disinfect tables, containers, sinks, and shelves then wipe with a damp cloth. Towels, rags, and sponges should also be washed and replaced.

Trash Bins

Garbage cans in all corners and rooms should be thrown out every day before going home.

Desk Cleaning in the OfficeKeep Desks Cleared Off

Keep all the clutters on your table and arrange the things to make it neater. Make use of organizational units such us trays, shelves, holders, dividers, and more to keep everything in place.

Of course, everyone is busy and has limited time in the office. Cleaning everything at the office will most likely be the last thing on your mind. That is why Winnipeg office cleaning services are offered to large offices.

The services provided by these companies can assure you that their professionals take cleaning to a new level. They can do magic in your home or offices making housekeeping at its finest. Winnipeg office cleaning services are very common in the area because it is the most convenient way to have a great and clean environment.