POWr that Banner Slider Plugins For WordPress

To banner slider plugin or not to banner slider plugin, that is the question. For marketers adding a banner slider to websites means more exposure for their highlighted products. But, for programmers, this is the thing that irritates them. Should you choose to add a responsive banner slider or would you just follow the advice of a lazy programmer?
Banner slider plugins for WordPress is a very aesthetic program where the products you want your visitors to notice would just automatically slide from one product to another product. They will notice them even if they’re just staying on one page of the web.

Wordpress is a very aesthetic program

So, how can banner slider plugins for WordPress affect your business?

The most important thing for a business is to project itself in the market. There are several ways of projecting the brand and that is through banners – online banners. Traditionally banners are set-up outside the store to attract passersby. Although the strategy is effective it still has a minimal effect on the target market.
Nowadays, people are looking for something new. Advertising the product should adapt to that trend where everything is digital. Going online and digital means there’s more exposure and attraction. Banner sliders are a perfect set-up for products.
The banner slider can increase conversion rates. Traffic is important, but most importantly, you need to convert that traffic to profit. The effects of the banner sliders on the users are unconsciously noticed. The users are unaware that they already store the images in their minds. And, when they saw that product again used by someone popular, they would instantly buy it.

You need someone who can provide that banner slider plugin for you, on your website

Programmers hate banner sliders, so that makes them difficult to find if you’re looking for a banner slider programmer. Don’t worry, because there’s an easy way to a plugin that banner slider. You can actually do by yourself without coding anything. You don’t need a coder, actually.
All you need is a good website that offers plugin applications for your web page. POWr.io have wide experiences in creating plugins for businesses. There’s a lot to choose from; job board plugin, Instagram feed plugin, hit counter plugin and the banner slider plugin and add a sliding banner to make it more creative and attractive.

You have the freedom to choose the designs you like

Once you are subscribed to POWr.io, you can already choose the banner slider plugin. It’s easy to use since the application allows you to customize your own designs. And, if your product targets mobile consumers, you can optimize the banner slider to be more mobile responsive. POWr.io allows you to edit your banner slider.

 A good website that offers plugin applications for your web page

Choose to be more responsive and choose to earn more

The goal of your business is to provide information and to increase revenues. You can do that if you have a perfect marketing strategy. The banner slider plugin is the perfect application for you. This is the tool where the user enjoys watching every slide of beautiful products, and you can earn more.
Subscribe to POWr now, and join millions of businesses who are already earning more money because they use the strategy.

Here Some Are Useful Tips from Experts in Website Design

Website design impacts businesses and users. Websites that are designed below par perform poorly in Google due to poor user experience. What does a web designer in Lowell consider when creating a great design?

This article discusses the points to consider to have a good web design and why the emphasis is given on making the website responsive.

Key Points to a Good Website Design

1. Know the Purpose of the Site

Typically websites are used for business purposes. However, some use it as a journal. Your website must have a clear purpose. If you are a writer, post your portfolio of articles.

2. Communicate Clearly

Make a readable and easy to digest content. With the short attention span, people have nowadays, it is better to have the sentences bulleted. Avoid long windy sentences.

3. Choose the Right Typography

Select fonts type and size which are readable online. Headlines and subheadlines must be big enough to read.

4. Choose a Well Thought Color Theme for Your Website

Having the right color coordination enhances user experience. Don’t make your website cluttered by using a lot of colors which don’t complement each other. Leaving a negative or white space gives an uncluttered look on your site.

5. Choose Attention-Grabbing Images

Pictures say a thousand words. If you don’t have high definition photos, you can use free stock photos available online. Videos and infographics are useful tools to communicate as well.

6. Ensure Easy Navigation on Your Site

People are getting impatient easily so see to it that your website visitors can easily move around your site and take action. Employ the three-click rule meaning users have to find the information they need within three clicks.

7. Consider Using Grid Based Layouts

Using grid based layouts allows a well-arranged content divided into sections and columns that give a balanced look.

8. Ensure Fast Loading Time

If your website has lots of images, see to it that the images are optimized meaning they must be sized and scaled. Ask your web designer to do some coding to make it load faster.

9. Ensure a Responsive and Mobile Friendly Website Design

The majority of online users are now using and buying products from their mobile devices. If your website is not responsive sure enough you’ll incur losses.

Why You Need a Responsive Website Design

  1. The majority of people who access the internet are mobile device users. Most American adults own smartphones. Buying with the use of mobile devices is steadily growing.
  2. People visit social media and share links from websites through their mobile devices only, boosting your site traffic.
  3. Responsive site increases your SEO rankings. According to Google responsive site performs well when searched.
  4. Responsive sites provide better user experience. They can search anything anywhere they are. All contents fit on a mobile screen; you don’t have zoom it out or in. Responsive sites increase conversion rates and reduce bouncing.

Final Note

Give your users a memorable experience by making your website engaging and useful. Using the key points in creating an amazing website will benefit your business.