Information About Filing Dog Bite Cases, Lawsuits Etc

Claims for dog bitesDog bites may cause physical and mental trauma and in some cases it might turn fatal. If you or your loved ones have been bitten by a dog then you can either make a settlement with the dog owner or you can take the help of personal injury lawyer to file a lawsuit in small claims court. Filing a lawsuit will involve time and money. It is therefore advisable to make a settlement outside the court. Also if you want to file a case then it should be done within a specific period. In most of the cases, the dog bite victim has a right to receive compensation from the owner. If the dog owner refuses to pay the compensation then you can sue him.

Things to Considered When Filing a Case for Dog Bite Injury

* Type of compensation: The victim can receive compensation for the past, future and present injuries bills for medical which were in relation to dog bites. The victim can also claim any replacement or repairs of personal belongings such as glasses, clothes, watches etc. which was damaged during bite. If the victim has faced any permanent disfigurement or disability or even emotion distress due to the incident he can claim for that too.

* Filing a lawsuit: It is necessary for the victim to be suffered from actual damages in order to file a lawsuit. The amount of claim will be decided by the court depending upon certain factors. Some monetary damages could be calculated easily but certain damages like pain, distress etc. could be calculated. The judgments for such cases will be based on previous similar cases. E.g. A wound with severe complications will result in high compensation and vice versa.

Dog bite small courts* Deciding on the settlement: There are two options to claim compensation if you suffer from a bite. Either you can go for a trial or can settle the case outside the court. Both has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is better to understand both the options and then decide.

* Where to file a lawsuit: Normally a dog bite lawsuit must be file in the state or country of incident. If you have any doubt regarding where to file a lawsuit or any other issues related to dog bite you can consult a professional attorney experienced in this regards.

Advantages of Filing a Lawsuit

* Emotional satisfaction
* Large compensation for big and strong cases

Advantages for Setting Outside the Court

* Quick resolve of the case
* Low expense to the victim
* The victim and the dog owner can mutually decide the compensation amount
* The victim will receive money fast with few formalities

What to Do After a Dog Bite?

* Call 911 and inform the same. Get your medical done to understand the grievance of the bite. It is better to take precautions or else it might cause rabies, infections or other diseases.
* Identify the owner of the dog and explain to them about the what happened. Also get all the details about their insurance provider.
* Complain to the local animal control department about the incident to take proper measures for future precautions.
* Collect all the evidence related to it.