Different Reasons for Filing a Lawsuit

Inury based lawsuitsThere are many different types of lawsuits that you can file or have filed against you. Depending on what the circumstances are surrounding the claim will determine what the judgment that is passed down on you will be. And it is important to remember that there are different laws for each and every state.

Types of Lawsuits

If you have a dog that has bitten someone, then they can file a lawsuit against you. If this happens, the circumstances surrounding why the dog bit another person will be brought up. If your neighbor was tormenting your dog, and your dog decided to bite them to make them stop, then you might not be held liable for the damages.

However, if your neighbor was minding their own business and the dog randomly decided that they were going to bite them, then you will probably be required to pay damages to the injured party. But they will also have to prove that you had advance knowledge that the dog was at risk to harm someone and that by knowing that fact you were negligible.

Contract Breach Lawsuit

You can also bring a lawsuit against someone for breaching a contract. Say for instance you paid a contractor to come out and repave your driveway, and they started the job but never finished, this would be a breach of contract. If you contacted them multiple times to no avail, and then had to pay another company to come out and finish the job they started, then you could be entitled to compensation. The judge could make they pay back what you initially had to pay the first company, and even possibly what you paid the second company because of their breach of contract to finish the job in the first place.

Lawsuit AdjudicationHiring an Attorney for Your Claim

There are family matters that the court can get involved in also, such as a divorce or for custody of minor children. These are not always viewed as lawsuits, but they are in fact considered lawsuits.

You are even able to sue your neighbor because their dog barks late at night and you have repeatedly asked them to make the dog stop, and they do nothing about it. In this instance, though, you would need to show that the animal is breaking local ordinances and that you are suffering at work because of lack of sleep. But there still might be a case there if you were serious about pursuing it.

There are lawyers out there who are willing to hear your case out for why you are interested in pursuing a lawsuit against someone else. Many of these lawyers also work on contingency fees, which means that they will not get their money for taking the case until you win. And if you do not win, then they do not get paid. These lawyers take a risk by operating this way, but at least you will know that they have your best interests at heart because without a win in their corner they just did all that legal work for you for free.