About Us

We connect because of our common goal of uniting meditation with technology to be able to offer the benefits of these ancient techniques in a simple and direct way within reach of all people seeking well-being. We have created this new service and invite you to be part of Cyruba today.

How it works

Think of Cyruba as a personal trainer for your mind, in your pocket when it suits you best. The service works in your browser on your mobile phone, ipad, wherever you are. Just follow the instructions, it’s very simple. Just click and start meditating daily. With this application you can actively contribute to improving your health, work efficiency and happiness in general.

How does Cyruba help me and what is it about?

The Cyruba program takes advantage of modern technology to teach Full Consciousness meditation in a simple yet profound way.

Full Consciousness (mindfulness) means consciously paying attention to the experience of the present moment with interest, curiosity and acceptance, harmonizing body and mind.

Although Mindfulness is an inherent capacity of the human being, cultivating it allows a clearer understanding of how thoughts and emotions can affect our health and quality of life.

The most important tool of Full Consciousness is meditation. While this practice has been examined introspectively for millennia in spiritual traditions, in recent decades scientific interest continues to grow and confirm the efficiency of meditation.

Today, the practice of Full Consciousness is being integrated into medicine and psychology as an effective way to reduce stress, treatment of anxieties and depressions, complementary therapy of various diseases and addictions, as well as in the fields of education and prevention.

Through a lot of research, it has also been proven that in this way the emotional intelligence, creativity, work efficiency and the general well-being of the person can be increased. In short, clarity, as the fruit of meditation, allows you to live better.

Our mission is born of a deep desire to share what we have learned so far in ourselves, and thus facilitate others to find their own inner freedom. We pay special attention to the need to return to Nature innate in each person, which can emerge if heard, and then add to the evolution of their consciousness.

To return to Nature to meet again with its natural essence, with the rhythms of the human being so forgotten, to feed on the healing of the ancestral natural resources and teachings of Mother Earth. Return to the origin to breathe and stop, to meditate and contemplate, to awaken the numbed senses by the rapid life of today’s society and develop the connection with one’s own inner mastery.

Cyruba together with other collaborators who feel a special bond with the place, welcome and facilitate the teachings and dynamics of the magical days in which the Meetings, coexistence and shared workshops take place. These are profound experiences that keep a seed of change, a before and an after in the life of each participant who opens up to it.