To make summit

To make summit

Decision taken: the summer is lived in Bariloche! Multiple activities and the entire landscape of the Nahuel Huapi National Park beautifying the city.

It is also the time to get to know the numerous mountain refuges that are already prepared to receive mountaineers and trekkers, but also those who want to live the experience of this adventure for the first time. Not for nothing is Bariloche the National Capital of Adventure Tourism.

This mountain city is home to the most important network of mountain refuges in the region. There are high or medium mountain and bivouac type.

Those of high or medium mountain (*) are those that have a shelter (caretaker) and in which different services are offered such as information on routes or trails, weather, snow conditions, schedules, climbing routes and alternative activities among others.

Some remain open throughout the year and others only during the summer season. In the latter, in the low season, there is also an open space that can be accessed simply to have a place to rest after climbing and / or spend the night.

Those of the bivouac type (**) are smaller, can accommodate fewer people, do not have shelters, have basic amenities and do not provide services. They are open all year round and are generally located further away.

In either case, there are recommendations that must be taken into account before undertaking the promotion, during the promotion and during the stay.

No matter what experience you have in the mountains, it should be taken as an obligation to be informed of everything you need to know and, fundamentally, to register in the Trekking Registry (obligatory and free) in the Intendencia del Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi or in the Club Andino Bariloche.

This will allow, in an emergency, patrols to move and locate those who need help more quickly and effectively.

In Bariloche every year more and more people choose this tourist destination for mountain activities. It is an attraction that first awakens curiosity and then much passion and new goals.

That is why it is essential to know one’s physical condition and keep in mind that hiking can take many hours. Even more so if the chosen refuge will only serve as a base to undertake other climbs, crossings or different sports.

Staying in a hotel does not prevent you from visiting shelters. There are visitors who, once settled in their tourist accommodations in Bariloche, decide to experience other emotions.

Also notifying in the place will avoid the concern of those responsible to find that they did not return ( ).

The backpack will be the indispensable element when going through mountains. Do not forget to place a bottle of mineral water, sunscreen, sunglasses and sun hat, a comfortable replacement shoe, a coat and a heater (remember that you can only light a fire in authorized places and that fire is the worst enemy of the forests and even more so when they are located at high altitudes).

In all the cases it is opportune to consult the maps, to be informed on the climatic conditions, the distances to cover and the type of footpath (if it is in ascent, if it is difficult, for which ages it is recommended, etc.) in order to have the security of which they will be able to finish the circuit and to try to leave as early as possible to take advantage of the day light.

Those who have more experience surely know and respect all security measures. For the rest, it is also worth mentioning that the road should not be shortened.

Leaving the marked path or the picada can become a real danger and a difficulty for lifeguards. And if someone encounters an injured person on the way, the first thing to know is that they should not be mobilized unless it is essential, that the site should be marked so that they can be identified quickly and above all things, never leave in solitude those who need help or assistance.

Solidarity is part of the ABC of those who practice mountain activities. If necessary, the toll-free 911 line operates 24 hours a day. Another option is to install the APP: S.O.S. Bariloche. By simply clicking on the icon corresponding to the emergency that arises, an immediate alert will be generated. In both cases, wifi and mobile data are not required for them to work.

Nature will captivate everyone along the way. To contemplate it without damaging it is the best sign of respect for a harmonious coexistence, and so that its ecosystem is not altered there are details to contemplate, basic but not minor:

do not pull up flowers or branches; do not take stones or plants with you; do not write on trunks; do not smoke, let alone leave the cigarette butt lit on the ground and return with the waste generated inside a bag that can be included inside or tied to the backpack. The best footprint a walker can leave is his footwear mark on the trail!

James Prior